The Social Media Platforms Part 2 – What the Twitter?


‘I just don’t get it’, I hear you cry.  There are many people who have uttered these words – including me. There, I said it.  It just seemed so noisy and full of random comments and, on first glance, appeared much more complicated than other social media platforms out there.  So, on a professional level, what on earth [...]

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When do Australians like to do it?


Australians and their social media habits, is the focus of the Yellow Social Media Report 2012, published by Sensis.  We access social media throughout the day but the most popular time is after work (63%), followed by last thing before bed (40%) and first thing in the morning (33%).  Social media has become a part [...]

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The Social Media Platforms Part 1 – Why choose Facebook?

Facebook button

So, you’ve decided that you are going to get your business into this social media lark, though it seems that everyone already knows a lot about it.  Never fear, Friendly Media are here (poetic, we know). You may have seen the infographic recently which showed the minefield which now is social media.  We are going [...]

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Facebook Offers Available in Australia


If you haven’t already heard, Facebook offers have now rolled out to a limited number of business pages in Australia. At the moment, pages must be attached to a physical address and have a certain number of likes (500) to be eligible. Why is this great?   Now businesses can offer fantastic deals which appear [...]

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It’s Time To Get On The Social Media Saddle!

Social media fingers

Are you a small business owner?  Have you implemented social media into your marketing plan?  If not, you are not alone.  Social media is still a relatively new concept in marketing, but its growth has been phenomenal over the last few years.  For big business it is fairly easy to throw large budgets to big [...]

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